A stranger asks for my delivery address, how much

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OS Type: Linux; Based on: Independent (forked from Mandrake) Origin: Russia; Architecture: arm64, armv7, i586, x86_64; Desktop: AfterStep, Blackbox, Cinnamon

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Since I'm writing a science-fiction novel, that's not too big of a problem fo. . . Stack Exchange Network Stack Exchange network consists of 174 QA communities including Stack Overflow , the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers.

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How to prevent fake drupalcommerce orders. Hi Molot, Thanks for pointing (Nice robots such as googlebot do, so if your fake orders are from nice robots only, this will fix it. ). In my experience, the single most successful measure to filter out spambots is to add effective CAPTCHA to the site. If the user is not logged in yet, the

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\begingroup$ Title is about species, body is about robots. . . then, body is about humans? I'm not sure what's actual question and what is just fluff text. $ndgroup$ – Mołot May 16 '18 at 11:29 $\begingroup$ @Molot A robot with Evolutionary Computation might as well be a species with metal and polymer body.

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Machines can make art, like robots printing out digital manifestations or driving interactive sculpture, but sometimes the machines themselves are the art. Sometimes the artistic expression is the instrument that could be used to create or experience. This is the case with …

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ality check - Robo-grunts in the army: viable

M molot mobile robots based on arduino

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What is the correct way to translate variable_get string values entered in admin input fields? [duplicate] I hope there is a core-based solution to this simple (I think) necessity – MXT Sep 23 '14 at 12:37 @MXT Nope. Built in support is limited. Thank you Molot for …

M molot mobile robots based on arduino

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M molot mobile robots based on arduino

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M molot mobile robots based on arduino

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M molot mobile robots based on arduino

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ReaPlugs: I found these today as well but I haven't tried them yet, these are the plugins that are found in Cockos REAPER, I'm excited to try their Multi-band Compressor cause I've never really used one before. Molot: This is a Russian Compressor which I haven't used yet …

M molot mobile robots based on arduino

Planning to build a Light Quadruped! (Need Ideas!) - War

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M molot mobile robots based on arduino

Defense Vehicles - Vehicles Ready for War - Idei

Based on Halo IP and large rock crawler trucks, for when you need to save the world sooner rather than later. Survival Equipment, Military Weapons, Creature Design, Arduino, Cyberpunk, Character Art, Design Concepts. Dan O'Connor. The Quiet War. Army Vehicles Armored Vehicles Planetside 2 Sci Fi Armor Future Weapons Sci Fi Ships

M molot mobile robots based on arduino

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Robo-grunts in the army: viable? Having ground based robotic troops assumes that the strategies of combat don't evolve with the tech and with refined strategic approaches to war and that's simply untrue. there is still a practical application for humanoid robots. I'm just saying that the battlefield is not as likely to be the place