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Ecoutez la radio avec votre Raspberry Pi - Framboise 314

Tras este tutorial, sabremos cmetro al ejecutar el programa.

Overview - Raspberry Pi radio player with touchscreen

RuneAudio is a free and open source software that turns inexpensive, silent and low-consumption mini-PC into Hi-Fi music players. Reply on [Addon] RuneUI Enhancement by rern on 4 March 2019 at 11:03 in Raspberry Pi; Reply on

Raspberry Pi Linux DAB FM Digital Radio - MonkeyBoard

Exit the raspi-config configurator and accept the reboot request. Reconnect to Raspberry Pi using the “root” login and, using WINScp, enter the /home/pi folder and add a new folder. Name it “radio”. For more detail: Internet Radio with Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Car PC: iCarus project

Gostaria de saber se este projeto de receptor de radio internet vai funcionar num Raspberry Pi Zero W? Queria montar este kit e dar de presente,a pessoa que vai receber vai usar apenas como radio. Donizete. 10 de agosto de 2018. Responder. valdocir. donizete,

Raspberry Pi Internet Radio - Part 1 - YouTube

BBC Radio on the Raspberry Pi (v2) This is an update to my recent post on this topic . This page shows how to create a simple radio command to play and stop different BBC radio stations on a Raspberry Pi.

Une superbe web radio sous Raspberry Pi et Arduino

Raspberry Pi als Radio Sendestation verwenden Das Raspberry Pi kann so ziemlich fblichen Radiofrequenzen zwischen 88 und 108Mhz.

Create your home radio transmitter with raspberry pi

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WA9ONY Amateur (Ham) Radio Raspberry Pi- Stargazing

Radio Case Pirate Radio Pimoroni ; Set up your Raspberry Pi pirate radio. Before we start this tutorial, we first need to connect a wire to the GPIO pin, also called the seventh physical pin. If you are unsure of the GPIO pins we are discussing, check out our GPIO guidelines. This wire will serve as the antenna for Pirates of Raspberry Pi.

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Internet Radio on Raspberry Pi - dronkertnet

Amateur (Ham) Radio Raspberry Pi Computer Projects: These are projects using the Raspberry Pi (RPi) computer and amateur (Ham) radio. These project were completed by David Haworth, WA9ONY. A separate web page, RPi Computer Projects, demonstrates how to use the RPi computer for general purpose computing. For example

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spbian - Receive FM Radio on Raspberry Pi - Raspberry Pi

Carus is more then Raspberry Pi Car PC - it is the extendable IVI(in-vehicle infortainment) platform. Just connect iCarus Car PC to your car's radio connector directly (in the case your car uses a standard ISO-10487 connector) or via harness adaptor. Best Quality Products .

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Raspberry Pi als Radio Sendestation verwenden

Raspberry Pi Linux DAB FM Digital Radio. In the last 12 months, Windows users and developers have been constantly providing feedbacks and suggestions on how to make the DLL better. We listened to each and every suggestions and worked really hard on the DLL.

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Top 10 Amateur Radio Uses for the Raspberry Pi ← M0JCQ's

Streaming Internet Radio Based on Raspberry Pi. Streaming Audiostreams from the internet using a Raspberry Pi and HiFiBerry AMP+ and a custom LCD and 6 button interface.

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Raspberry Pi infused vintage radio - HiFiBerry

High performance SDR radio receiver add-on for Raspberry Pi 3. Most computing platforms are capable of interfacing to input sensors which cover the audio spectrum (microphones) and the visible light spectrum (cameras) and whatever someone else has thought …

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Building a Ham Transceiver with an RTL-SDR, Raspberry Pi

Las Raspberry Pi siguen demostrando su versatilidad en todos los campos, y ahora un grupo de expertos en temas de radio han logrado convertir estos ingenios en potentes transmisores FM.

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Cmo montarse una emisora de radio con una Raspberry Pi en

Een Raspberry Pi kun je voor allerlei handige toepassingen gebruiken. Wil je graag je eigen radio maken, dan is dat natuurlijk ook mogelijk. Het bedienen van de radio via de command prompt is echter niet altijd even handig, daarom gaan we een internet radio maken met een display en knop-bediening.